Premier Smoke Shop of the South Shore.
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Pirate Girl Smoke Boutique is a head shop in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Pirate Girl started in 2012 as an Etsy store that sold handmade pink and pretty smoking accessories. We built a local customer base by travelling and attending festivals and conventions. In the summer of 2015, we opened our brick-and-mortar location in Plymouth which enabled us to expand to the head shop we are today!
In our boutique, our handmade products are available for purchase, along with hundreds of other products made by American companies and artisans, including Green Roads CBD, Ooze, Crush Glass, Glass Wave Flo (Tim Walsh), Sugar Mattys, Twisted Sisters Glass, Piecemaker Gear, Headway Acrylic, Raw, Zig-Zag, OCB, Adapterrl Man, Randy's, Kind Pen, Vapor Blends, V2, Juicy Jays, Tasty Puff, Formula 420 and more!




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